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Dog Training German Shepard
About Me
Hi - I'm Matt Waggoner, owner and operator of Wagg The Dog Trainer.  I grew up on a ranch in North Texas. Always surrounded by dogs, I developed a very special bond with them.  This bond has enabled me to work with and train even the most stubborn of breeds as well as rescue dogs that have often been neglected and abused.

In addtion to 20+ years of experience, I further honed my skills training and rehabilitating pitbulls rescued from dog fighting rings in New Mexico.  I also had the unique experience of running a team of sled-dogs in the beautiful mountains of Colorado for two seasons - -living with and training 15-dogs at once was a dream come true.

My client's say that I have a special gift communicating with dogs.  I  am always so honored when someone entrusts me to work with thier fur-baby.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with your fur-baby.   

I train dogs in and around the North Dallas area: Providence, Savannah, Paloma Creek, Aubrey, Cross Oak Ranch, Prosper, Frisco, McKinney, Denton, Dallas, and more.  

Matt and Training Partner, Minka

German Shepard Dog Trainer
My Training
My training program is 4-weeks -- I come to your home to work with you and your dog and can work around your schedule. Dogs graduating from my program learn all basic commands (sit, stay, leave it, etc.) as well as leash walking.  I also offer intense two-week training in my home for issues such as socialization, all basic commands, and any problem areas your dog might be having.
  1. What Suits Your Dog
    My training is fully catered around what suits your dog. No two dogs are the same and that is why I think my training is so successful.
  2. Feedback
    Much of my training is developed from your feedback as the dog's owner. After each session I ask for detailed feedback to help plan the next session. In addition, I think it is important to involve the entire family in training. I will work with you and your family to ensure successful training.
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  1. Passion
    Dogs are truly my passion - I firmly believe that there are no "lost causes" - just beautiful dogs that want to be understood and loved. You can teach an old dog new tricks!
Customer Reviews

Bark in The Park, Aubrey, Dog Trainer
English Bulldog, Dog Trainer
Rhodesian Ridgeback, Boot Camp, Dog Trainer
"Who would've guessed that this high anxiety dog that chews up everything in sight would be able to attend a Bark in the Park event? Not me, that's for sure! All that has changed now, thanks to Matt Waggoner. Just the look on his face alone shows you the love he has for dogs! It's been one week so far and Raider has completely changed..sit, stay, leave it, etc. He is even leash trained! I can't wait to see Raider after week two. The results day-by- day with the help of Matt Waggoner are incredible. It's amazing seeing the change Raider has overcome. I highly recommend Matt Waggoner for any and all dog training! He has a gift and has truly found his calling in life...Wagg the Dog Trainer"  - Jodie, Raider's Mom
"So I gave Matt a call since everyone that I had tried to reach out to would always just tell me that English Bulldogs were tough to train. Matt came over to meet Colossal and right away told me he was up for the challenge. Today was the last day of the training and Colossal showed improvement after the first visit. Yes Bulldogs are hard headed but when you have someone like Matt that loves what he does anything is possible. Thanks for your help Matt. I really enjoy being able to take Colossal for walks now." - Jorge, Colossal's Dad
"We took our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy to Matt 2 weeks ago for training. We picked him up to today and he is a completely different dog. Before he was always jumping on our daughter, biting, wouldn't walk on a leash, and was full of crazy energy. He is the dog we always dreamed of having now.  Matt and his German Shepard Minka taught Kevin all of his commands. I have never seen him nap or lay down and right now he is taking a nap beside our bed. We are so happy with what was accomplished in such a short time and highly recommend Matt to anyone who needs some help like we did. Matt truly has a connection with dogs and we could see how much he loved Kevin." - Nicole, Kevin's Mom
Bark in The Park, Aubrey, Dog Trainer
English Bulldog, Dog Trainer
Rhodesian Ridgeback, Boot Camp, Dog Trainer

I highly recommend Matt to train your dog or dogs. We have two puppies. They are now 8 months and 10 months old. They are a beagle and a dachshund. These two breeds are also very hard to train but with Matt's skills, our dogs can now sit, stay, leave it, walk well on a leash and focus when we call them. Matt was flexible with our busy schedule and came to our house. We will forever be grateful Matt trained our sweet Georgie and Duke!!!! They love MATT!!!
 - Hilary, Duke and George's Mom
"I can't take in any more Providence Village strays, like Lady this sweet puppy found July 5th. Thanks to Matt Waggoner, my foster care house full of 4 dogs will be very well behaved Providence Village citizens in the weeks to come so I can walk them and have people over in PEACE! Give him a call for a consult! My dogs responded to him immediately and his rates are super reasonable!" - Cathy, Lady's Mom
"We just finished our 4 week dog training program with Matt Waggoner. We have a 50 lb lab who doesn't realize she's 50 lbs. I can't begin to describe how impressed I am with his program. He truly has a love for animals and a gift for teaching them. It was affordable and worth every penny. Thanks, Matt!!" - Lauren, Stella's Mom